Types of Bingo

There are a lot of different types of bingo games and many games come in several different variations. This is one of the reasons that so many like the game. The game may be simple but the different types of the game still allow for a lot variations. It also allow the game to be played almost anywhere. You can even play several different types of bingo without any of the regular bingo items even if a piece of paper helps. Examples of how different bingo games can be is cow bingo and car bingo.

cow bingoCow bingo is a game where a cow is let into a field that is divided into squares. Each of the squares is assigned a special number. The players can buy a number and if the cow defecated on your number than you are a winner. This game is common in some rural areas of France.

Car bingo can refer to two different bingo games. One of them is any bingo game that is played in a drive in bingo hall. This is similar to a drive in movie theater. The other is a game where the players get cards with objects that can be seen around the roads and who ever see all the things on their card first wins. This game is a common kids game to keep kids occupied in cars but it is also a good example on how varied bingo games can be.

The most common bingo game in the United States is 75 ball bingo while 90 ball bingo is more popular in United kingdoms and most of Europe. Both games can be found in most online bingo room.

Different variations or type of regular bingo games (IE not cow bingo or other non-traditional games) are usually differentiated from each other by the different patterns that allow you to win, the number of fields on the bingo cards, the design of the card and if there is any free spaces, the number of balls used and the number of balls drawn. Sometimes bingo games are also divided into different groups and types depending on the type of prizes that can be won. IE jackpot bingo games, cash bingo games, and bingo games where you can win products such as gift baskets and coffee. Free bingo and paid bingo games are sometimes also considered different types of bingo games. Both these types of bingo are readily available online. Online is also where you usually will find the widest selection of different types of bingo games. It is not certain that you will find all versions of bingo played in your local bingo hall online. You will however find a larger selection of different games than you have in your local bingo halls and you are sure to find a lot of different bingo games you will like online.