Mr Green Casino sends you packing to Hawaii

Mr Green Casino has a reputation for running some of the most glamorous promotions and this summer has been absolutely terrific for its members. The winners got to travel around the world on board luxurious airplanes and were accommodated at five star hotels. There are so many titles to choose from and a nice assortment of campaigns and promotions, that members don’t even have to do compromises when playing online.howtoplay

The most recent promotion is slightly different, because players are supposed to focus exclusively on the Jurassic Park slot game. This title has been around for quite a while and it is very likely that is here to stay, but over the next month, players will have even more reasons to spin its reels. Playing here and wagering at least €20 will result in the release of an entry for the big prize draw, which is scheduled at the end of October.

Emerging victorious in this raffle will bring what is probably the trip of a lifetime, with two lucky people traveling to Hawaii this late autumn. They will embark on a plane in the first week of November and for exactly 7 days, will spend some quality time in the tropical paradise. While Europe and North America will be adjusting to a steep drop in temperature and prepare for winter, the Mr Green Casino winners will be caressed by the hot rays of the sun.

The destination will be the island of Kauai, which is the largest in the archipelago and one that is commonly referred to as the Garden Island. The reason for why it got this nickname is easy to guess, as the entire island is covered in a thick layer of vegetation. In order to admire the last jungle without the inherent risks, the winners will benefit from a helicopter tour around the island. There are plenty of things to do and see while in Hawaii and the lucky travelers won’t have to worry about the costs.

Accommodation will be provided by the 5 Star Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, which is on the most luxurious hotels in the island. Pocket change will be also provided with a total of $3000 in spending money and the tickets from London and back home are also paid for. The winners won’t even have to worry about purchasing souvenirs, because once the trip comes to an end, they will receive a gift pack that includes a camera and Jurassic Park DVD boxset

Time is quickly running out and with the stakes being as high as they get, there is no reason to postpone the enrollment this campaign. The Jurassic Park slots games are widely regarded as some of the most entertaining of all games available at Mr Green Casino. This means that even if you don’t end up winning the big prize, you will still enjoy the best user experience and potentially win a lot of money.

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