Learn the bingo ropes with Foxy Bingo

Playing bingo over the Internet is no longer a theory but something that the fans of the genre to every day and none would return to land-based venues. The convenience of playing from the comfort of your home and compete for the same amount or even boosted paychecks explains why players only make the transition in one direction. Foxy Bingo is all the places where many bingo fans choose to enjoy their favorite game and the online operator just made the terms and conditions more attractive.Learn the bingo ropes with Foxy Bingo

In 2015, it intends to set the bar even higher and one of the things that it plans on implementing as early as February is a brand-new loyalty scheme. Meanwhile players will have their first deposit matched by 100% and in addition to that, will enter a competition that has a guaranteed prize pool of €25,000. It is a lot of money by any standards and there are not many bingo tournaments out there that can brag about presenting players with such a big paycheck.

The winner will only collect €8000 but it is still a huge amount and the fact that they only need to spend any significant amount makes this proposition even more tempting. Those who end up winning the money will decide what to do with the price and they can cash without right away or spend it on more bingo tickets. The choice rests with the members, but even those who don’t win the big prize or one of the smaller ones, will be given a second chance.

Instead of a puny consolation prize, all the losing tickets will be automatically introduced in a special raffle that has a guaranteed prize pool of €10,000. In this case, the winners are chosen randomly and everyone has exactly the same chance to win regardless of how expensive the tickets might have been. The only thing that might grant an edge over the pack is a higher number of bingo tickets, so those who are perseverant enough and wager frequently, have a better chance to win a prize.

A bingo ticket is inexpensive and with just one euro spent, players can enjoy a return on investment 18 times larger if they win the first prize. The second award consists of €3000, while the one who has to settle for the third-place will still receive €2000. Many more paychecks of €1000 will be awarded to those who finish outside the podium until the entire prize pool of €10,000 is completely spent.

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