Free Bingo

If you like bingo you might want to try your hands at some free bingo. The same might be true if you have never played bingo and want to try the game. The internet and online bingo is giving us plenty of opportunities to play free bingo. Allowing people to play for free, with a chance to win real money, is a way for the many bingo sites out there to try to attract new customers. They do it both to allow people to try the game of bingo and to allow bingo players the chance to try their site for free.

Most bingo sites offer regular free games where it is possible to play bingo for free. If you want to play these games you need to log in to the bingo site and play at scheduled times. On many sites free games (with real money to win) are only available on certain times. If you do not care if there are any real money to win or not than there are a lot more free bingo available.

It is however also possible to play the regular, paid games for free on most bingo sites. But do to this you must be willing to give them some information about yourself. Most bingo sites do have a welcome bonus that you get when you register an account, IE provide them with the earlier mentioned data. The bonus is usually around USD10-20 and can be used to buy your way into real games for free. You can not withdraw the bonus money without first having meet the wager requirements. The wager requirements differ from site to site and you should therefore always read them if you expect that you will want to withdraw the money. If you simple want to play a little for free this is of less importance.

The registration bonus that you get is meant to be used to try the site and online bingo. To see if you like it. It is in other words nothing wrong with registering with a lot of different sites and collect the registration bonus at all of them to play free bingo. That is more or less what the bonuses are meant for. The sites hope you will like them well enough to start deposit money. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. You have regardless used the bonus in the right way when you tried gambling at their site.

If you like playing bingo and have enjoyed playing for free at a number of sites it might be worth depositing money at one of them and start playing for real. When you make your first deposit most sites will give you a second bonus, a matching bonus. The size of that bonus is usually xx% of your deposit up to a certain maximum. Some bingo sites even offer bonuses on your second and third deposit as well as smaller bonuses on every deposit you ever make.

Make sure you read the bonus requirements before you accept any bonus that you do not think you will be able to earn within a reasonable time frame.

Whether or not playing using the welcome matching bonus money should be considered free or not is a question I leave up to each and every one of you to decide for yourself. On one hand your playing for money that you simple got for free, on the other hand you need to meet the wager requirements before you are allowed to withdraw your deposited money.