Donald Trump continues name crusade against Atlantic City Casinos

Donald Trump presses on with his offensive to have the name removed from two Atlantic City casinos, after his opponents only made small concessions. Trump entertainment resorts refuses to give in to his demands and only accepted to remove the name from the Trump Plaza. Apparently, this is not enough for the real estate mogul, who is adamant in having the name scratched off completely from all these casinos who are on the brink of bankruptcy.

howtoplayAn interesting report about his crusades to leave no association between the Trump name and the two Atlantic City casinos is available at: The scandal began many months ago, when the two parties failed to reach an agreement and Donald took matters to court. With the company refusing to remove the name from Taj Mahal, he brought even more lawyers into the fray and hopes that things will swing into his favor.

Carl Icahn is resisting all these demands and is willing to invest as much money as necessary, to make sure that Donald doesn’t get his way. He is trying to sell the two casinos 21 interested to spend a decent amount and considers that the removal of the name will undermine his plan. The casino is supposed to close its doors in November and in order to stay afloat and save all those jobs, the billionaire is asking for New Jersey to provide financial assistance.

The Trump family is solely concerned about the name and they claim that they have good reasons to be adamant, because Trump entertainment resorts failed to uphold the highest quality standards that the two parties agreed on at the beginning of the partnership. Only time will tell whether Donald and his family will finally get the name removed, or if the opposing company will prolong the decision long enough to sell the struggling property.

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