Bingo Words

Below you find a list containing some common bingo terms

Admission – To be allowed to enter a game, IE to have admission to that game.

Admission Packet – The number of bingo cards you need to buy to be allowed to enter a game.

Autodaub – A function used in online bingo. It automatically marks the called numbers for you.

Bingo – Bingo is the word you call out when you hit a winning combination. It is also the name of the game.

Bingo Card – A bingo card is the card containing numbers used when playing bingo. It can be compared to the lottery ticket in a lottery or your cards in a card game.

Bingo Board – The board, usually electronic that displays the numbers being called.


bingodaub is another word for the pen or bingo marker you use to mark the called numbers.

Bingo Marker– Pen used to mark the numbers on the bingo card.

Blackout/Coverall – A winning combination in bingo that requires you to mark all the numbers on the field.

Caller – The person yelling the numbers.

Cash-In-Prize – Any bingo game that has a cash price.

Chat room – Feature that allows you to chat with other users while playing online bingo. Certain bingo chat etiquette do apply.

Consolation Prize – A price offered if there are no winners after a certain amount of balls.

Early Bird – A game played before the regular game for those who arrive early.

Flimsy/Flimsies – Bingo cards made out of thin low quality paper.

Four Corners – A winning combination in bingo that requires you to hit all four corners of your bingo card.

Free space – Center square on American bingo cards.

Hard Card – Regular bingo cards that are made out of thick high quality paper or cardboard.

Hardway Bingo – Bingo where the winning combination is a straight line and no free space is used.

Jackpot – The highest possible win.

Lucky Jar – A cash container that can be won by hitting a certain number in a winning combination.

Main Stage Bingo – The main game during a bingo session. This is usually the game that attracts the most players.

Minimum-Buy-In – This is the total minimum cost of taking part in the game and be able to win prizes.

Money ball – A certain number that can double the winnings if a player hits a winning combination containing that call.

Moonlight Bingo – Late night bingo

Multiple Winners – When several players yell bingo at the same time. If this happens the prize is divided among the winning players.

On – When you are one number from a winning combination

Parti – Bingo game in which the price size is dependent on the number of players.

Pattern – Another name for possible winning combinations such as straight and diagonal lines.

Payout – The percentage of the money that the bingo hall pays back out in the form of prizes.

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot that grows until someone wins it. These jackpots can be very large, especially in online games.

Rainbow pack – Bingo card packs that allow the player to play for different types of prices at the same time.

Session – An evening or afternoon of Bingo games.

Quickie – A game where the numbers are called much quicker than in a usual game.

Validation – To make sure that a play is eligible to win a jackpot prize.

Warm-up – The first game in a bingo session.

Wrap-up – Last game of a bingo session.