Bingo Chat Etiquette & Abbreviations

bingo chatBingo chats are a small world in themselves. They use special abbreviations and special chat etiquette. If you are used to other chats you will feel at home in a bingo chat within minutes. There will be some differences between different chats as different sites run their chats in a slightly different way. Following basic chat etiquette is a good place to start and if you do you should be able to learn the more specific rules as you go along without getting into trouble along the way.

Most parts of chat etiquette or netiquette as it is also called is common sense and follows the rules you would follow when interacting with someone in real life. You should always be polite and make sure that the chat is a nice place for everyone. Making sure no one feels attacked or challenged is an important part of chat etiquette. Avoid profanities and bad words is another. You should never use all CAPITAL letters in a a chat. Using CAPITAL letters is considered yelling and is very rude. It is also important to remember that even if you feel close to people in the chat you should still stay away from discussing private issues. The other people might not feel comfortable talking about it and there might be a lot of people reading the chat but not posting that don´t want to know about your personal life either. Private issues should never be discussed on open channels online unless it is a venue setup for for that exact purpose. If you follow what has been said above you should be well on your way to knowing the social rules in a chat forum. Be observant on how people act in your bingo chat to get a better understanding of the social conventions in that particular chat. You should also read the rules before you start chatting but they might not say it all and there might be unwritten rules which is why you need to observant and stay attuned to the pulse of the chat.

Below you will find a list of different common chat abbreviations used in bingo chats. There are plenty more abbreviations used i bingo chats and it might take you a while before you learn them all. Memorizing the list below will however give you a good start and help you get into the chat aspect of bingo.
? = Please Explain
?4U =Question For You
1tg, 2tg = One to go, Two to go, countdown
a/s/l =Age/Sex/Location
AFK =Away From Keyboard
atm =At The Moment
b4n =Bye For Now
bak =Back At Keyboard
bf =Boyfriend
blng =Better Luck Next Game
brb =Be Right Back
btw= By The Way
CM =Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator
cu =See You
dts =Don´t Think So
e1 =Everyone
fcol =For Crying Out Loud!
g2g =Got to Go
gf =Girlfriend
gg =Good Going / Good Game
gl =Good Luck
gla =Good Luck All
gr8 =Great
hagd =Have A Good Day
hb =Hurry Back
imo =In My Opinion
jj =Just Joking
l8r = Later
l8r g8r =Later Gator
Lmao =Laughing My A** Off
lol =Laugh Out Loud
np =No Problem
omg =Oh My Gosh
Pls/Plz =Please
pmsl =Peeing Myself Laughing
ppl =People
qt =Cutie
rofl =Rolling On Floor, Laughing
roflmao =Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
Roomie =A chat room member, i.e. anyone in the chat room
Soz/sry =Sorry
tc =Take Care
thx =Thanks
tmi =Too Much Information
ttfn =Ta Ta For Now
ty =Thank You
ul =Unlucky
wb =Welcome Back
wd =Well Done
wdw =Well Done Winner
wtg =Way To Go!
yw =You’re Welcome