Bingo Bonus

Bingo bonuses are offered by most bingo sites online. They are offered to help attract new players to the bingo sites as well as to give people a chance to play without having to deposit money. The size and exact conditions for bingo bonuses vary between different sites. Some sites offer only one bonus while other offer a lot of different bonuses. The bonuses can be very nice as they give you more money to play for and give you more fun for your money even if you are unlucky and do not win. It is however important that you read about the bonus before you accept any bonus. Make sure that you know what the rules associated with the bonus are not to be disappointed later on if you are not allowed to withdraw money due to not meeting the bonus requirements. Most Bingo bonuses are associated with reasonable wager requirements but it is none the less god to read through the rules to make sure. No deposit bonuses you can accept without worrying.

Bingo BonusThere are basically three types of bingo bonuses. Registration bonuses, welcome bonuses and reoccurring bonuses. I will describe each type of bonus and what to think about before accepting that specific type of bonus below.

Registration bonus

The registration bonus is a type of bonus that most bingo sites offer. The registration bonus is usually rather low. USD 10-20 are common registration bonuses. This bonus is given to you directly when you register at the site and no deposit is needed to get this type of bonus. The bonus is there in your account moments after you registered. This bonus is perfect for trying different bingo rooms and see which one you like before you choose one to deposit money and play in. The registration is there to give you a chance to try the poker room and there is hence nothing wrong with using the bonus this way to find a bingo room that suits you.

Welcome Bonus
The welcome bonus is a bonus you receive once you deposit money to an account. Some bingo rooms give you the welcome bonus on your first deposit, others allow you the luxury of the same bonus on your first several (Usually three) deposits. The size of the welcome bonus depends on how much money you deposit into your account. The bonus is usually a xx% (often 100%) matching bonus with a maximum bonus amount. Even if you deposit more than the maximum bonus amount you can never get a bigger bonus than the maximum bonus amount. Make sure that you read the bonus information so that you know the wager requirements and avoid unpleasant surprises relating to the bonus. Bingo bonuses are generally rather generous but it still best to read up about them just in case.

Reoccurring bonuses
Reoccurring bonuses are usually the bonuses that are worth most money over time for a player who plays frequently. Reoccurring bonuses are bonuses that are always available to all players. A common example is that you always get a small bonus every time you make a new deposit. If you thought the conditions for the welcome bonus at a site was okay than you will likely agree to the terms for the reoccurring bonus as well and it hence less important to make sure that you read about the bonus each time you receive it than it is to read up on the welcome bonus.

Keep in mind that bonuses might be nice but the most important thing is to choose a bingo room that is good and that you like even if they offer lower bonuses. Bonuses should therefore always be seen as an extra perk for joining the bingo room you decide to join, not as a reason to join a poker room. One of the best bonuses you can get on online bingo is found on swedish bingosites. At you can see the best bingosites and games that offer high bonuses.